The therapists at SR&A share a common goal, helping clients reconnect with their strengths in order to maneuver through life’s difficulties in healthy ways. And they share a common framework, looking at every issue through a systemic lens. This means whether they’re working with an individual, a couple, or a family of any size, they think about the entire family system and work toward changes that will benefit everyone.

Shelby is incredibly selective when hiring associates for the SR&A team, with an eye for sound clinical skills and experience, deep knowledge of mental health issues, a clear understanding of neuroscience and the latest research, as well as warmth, compassion, and the ability to truly listen. Each therapist brings their own experience, personality and style to their work, and we invite you to click on the profiles below to read more about each therapist and see who might be the best fit for you.

Meet Our Therapists

Shelby Riley, M.S., LMFT headshot

Shelby Riley, LMFT

[email protected]

Megan Blair, MFT headshot

Megan Blair, LMFT

[email protected]

Amy Borla, MFT headshot

Amy Borla, MFT

[email protected]

Jody Flecken, LPC headshot

Jody Flecken, LPC

[email protected]

Allison Hopper, DO headshot

Allison Hopper, DO

[email protected]

Cassandra Keys, MA, NCC headshot

Cassandra Keys, MA, NCC

[email protected]

Carey O'Toole, LPC headshot

Carey O’Toole, LPC

[email protected]

Whitney Vanier, MS headshot

Whitney Vanier, MS

[email protected]

Heather Wyatte, MFT headshot

Heather Wyatte, LMFT

[email protected]

Get Comfortable in Our Offices

The SR&A offices are located in the historic Byers Hotel in Chester Springs. The original hotel was built in 1863 and was converted into office suites in 2006, each one modern and functional while maintaining their old-world charm. Several of the offices are outfitted with play therapy spaces, including games, toys, LEGOs, art supplies and sand trays with miniatures. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, and more than one young client has asked if their therapist lives in this special place.

SR&A office at Byers Hotel, view from the street
office couch and chairs
office fireplace and artwork
office fireplace and bookshelves
office play therapy toys
office outside Byers Hotel rear entrance
office play therapy sandbox
office couch and play therapy area