Relationships don’t have to be so hard.

Due to the overwhelming amount of referrals we’ve received in the past several months and a very long waitlist for new intakes, we are not taking any new clients at this time, nor adding anyone to the waitlist until we are able to schedule most of the clients currently on our waitlist.

Your mental health needs matter and we encourage you to continue in your search for a therapist who has the ability to schedule with you soon.

Here are a few resources:

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Solution-focused, client-centered work grounded in the latest research.


Anxiety often shows up as excessive worry and panic, but it can also manifest as headaches, stomachaches and chest tightness. We can help you quiet your mind, calm your body, and enjoy life again.


Symptoms of depression can be sadness, lack of motivation, and extreme fatigue, but can also include irritability, difficulty sleeping, and feelings of numbness. We can help you feel better.


Whether it’s dating, marriage/long-term partnership, parent-child, siblings, friendships, or professional relationships, we can help you engage with others in healthier ways.

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We offer telehealth for your convenience and safety.